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Community Center

Sponsorship Programme

A monthly contribution to our sponsorship programme ensures we can provide the most comprehensive and sustainable  care for our children, youth and their families in our community center in Mindo.

A monthly donation is the most efficient and effective way to support our project . With your long term monthly donations we are able to plan and accomplish long term developments.

Your sponsorship  helps to provide child care, education and social services to the 60+ local children in our center. The sponsorship also helps the children to attend school: we directly support the children with school materials, uniforms. In times of greater need or emergency we also support families to overcome their most urgent problems.

The sponsorship programme also contributes to developments and improvements in the infrastructure of the SALEM Ecuador and renovations of our facilities and helps us to contribute to social enterprise projects such as the sewing workshop!

SALEM-Ecuador does not offer sponsorship for individual children as we want to  avoid the situation where some children have sponsors and while others may not. Donations do not just benefit one individual child but are used for the development of the project and the community as a whole. A strong community can support strong children!

Friends of former our project managers, Lilo and Bruno Eichmann, helped create the SALEM-Ecuador sponsorship programme in 2005. The programme also helps facilitate contact between the sponsors and the project. As a project sponsor we will send you a special quarterly newsletter  and invite you to special events.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us via email or via social media

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Charitable Status: Legal Notice

Under Tax Number 208/147/40057, due to the advancement of development assistance; youth and elderly welfare service; animal, nature and environmental protection; and the advancement of an international understanding as a commonly acknowledged goal, the work of SALEMInternational has been recognised by the Financial Office of Bayreuth, Germany as tax deductible and free from corporate income tax under § 5 Abs.1 Nr.9 KStG (tax assessment notice from 07/01/09).
We voluntarily send our yearly financial documentation, independently checked by the auditing company Rödl & Partner to Deutsches Zentralinstitut für Soziale Fragen (DZI).

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