Children's, Youth &
Community Center


Meet Johana


Johana Orozco first encountered the SALEM center in Mindo at the age of 8 when she’d walk by, watching how the children played. Home wasn’t a place where she wanted to spend much time. She wanted to play, and laugh and learn, so she went in. At SALEM, Johana experienced a safe place where kids…

Meet Patricia


Patricia Arias has been on the SALEM Ecuador team for eleven years and is currently the guide for the pre-teen after school group. Patty is a Mindo native and has always been interested in education. She started out as a teacher in a few of the local schools, eventually coming to work at SALEM with…

Meet Fernanda


Fernanda Tuarez is SALEM Ecuador’s culinary extraordinaire. She’s been cooking vegetarian meals for SALEM kids and staff for almost 2 years. Fernanda is 28 years old and has two small children. She grew up in Esmeraldas Province and her first memories of the kitchen are sitting on a stool, watching her mom cook. Fernanda was…

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