Pedagogical Concept

In SALEM we work with the Montessori pedagogy. This means that, in contrast to conventional schools, each child has an individually adapted “curriculum”, so that all are at different levels of difficulty with the materials. We pay attention to the weaknesses and strengths of each child in order to work individually. Everyone is allowed to decide for himself or herself which material he or she would like to work with today, and if help is still needed, there is an educator and a volunteer who are always there to give advice and have an open ear for the children.

Maria Montessori, the founder of the pedagogy expressed herself:

We must help the children to act for themselves, to want for themselves, to think for themselves.

And this is the goal of SALEM: helping children to help themselves. We offer a free space where we give the children the opportunity to work on themselves, to develop and to be creative.

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