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Community Center


SALEM Ecuador is a childrens, youth and community center located in the small town of Mindo, in the cloud forest on the western side of the Ecuadorian Andes.

Our center is a place where children can enjoy their childhood, learn, play, and be accepted as part of a loving community.

We care for the most underprivileged and at risk children and young people of the village. We offer them loving care and help to find solutions to their most urgent problems.

We are passionate about providing excellent child care, education and social services! 

News from SALEM Ecuador.

Stay up to date and learn about the traditions and activities of our beautiful community

  Peace is a path, not a state. It is something that we must constantly move towards.     At SALEM Ecuador, we put peace into practice. We share with you our Christmas wish for peace: Women, children, and families living in violence-free homes. At this very moment we are developing an action plan for…

The SALEM team got together a few weeks ago for a short hike and breakfast at Casa del Arbol in Mindo. The 12 of us are rarely all in the same room together. Our jobs, responsibilities and schedules make it so there is a constant flow of SALEM team members in and out at the…

Want to contribute to world peace? Help food insecure families help themselves? Read our October newsletter and catch up on the important projects happening at the SALEM Center in Mindo, Ecuador. Find out about how to support our work by donating, signing up to be a virtual volunteer or simply passing on this newsletter to…

Meet Edwin


  Edwin Medina is a math and general studies tutor and guide for the teens groups at SALEM.  He is 19 years old and has worked in SALEM since 2019. Edwin loves information. He is able to explain difficult concepts in an innovative and friendly way. His favorite task these days is making videos for…

Recipe: Patacones (Fried Plantains) Ingredients (for 5 people): 5 large plantains (one large plantain for each person) 1 1/4 cups of water 2 cloves of garlic (can vary to taste) Salt (to taste) Oil for deep-frying Preparation: Wash and peel the plantains and cut them into long strips. Usually, a plantain can be cut into…

The Family Garden Initiative

This past Sunday, SALEM Ecuador volunteers prepared and delivered hundreds of seedlings and sacks of compost to local families that participate in the SALEM Ecuador Family Garden Initiative. Jonas Lange, Director of SALEM Ecuador gets to the heart of the matter, “The garden is a therapeutic space. The Family Garden Initiative is a perfect opportunity…

SALEM Handmade – empowering women.

SALEM Handmade is a social enterprise start up. We are seeking angel investors who want to empower and enable women to create their own thriving social enterprise.

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